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A Stay Inn Ely
112 West Sheridan
Ely MN 55731

Ph: 218-365-6010
A Stay Inn Ely 

Travel time: 0.2 miles from NABC
$ range: Call for rates


Motel Ely
1047 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN 55731

Ph: 800-891-0334/218-365-3237
Motel Ely Website

Travel time: 1.8 miles from NABC
$ range: Call for rates 


Bear Head Lake State Park
9301 Bear Head State Park Road
Ely, MN 55731

Bear Head Lake State Park

Travel time: 10.3 miles from NABC
$ range: $16 and up for campsite

$45 and up for cabin/$55 and up for guest houses


Ladybug Lodge

2279 Grant McMahan Blvd
Ely, MN

Ph: 218-365-8400
Ladybug Lodge website

Travel time: 6 miles from NABC
$ range:  $305 and up (min. 3 day/2 nights)


Adventure Inn
1145 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN 55731

Ph: 218-365-3140
Adventure Inn Website

Travel time: 1.9 miles from NABC
$ range: $55 and up 


Timber Trail Lodge
629 Kawishiwi Trail
Ely, Minnesota 55731

Ph: 218-365-4879
Timber Trail Lodge Website

Travel time: 5 miles from NABC
$ range: $69 and up


Paddle Inn

1314 E Sheridan
Ely, MN

Ph:  218-365-6036
Paddle Inn Website

Travel time:  5 miles from NABC
$ range:  $89 and up


Silver Rapids Lodge
495 Kawishiwi Trail
Ely MN 55731

Ph: 1-800-950-9425
Silver Rapids Lodge Website

Travel time: 3.5 miles
$ range: $109 and up for 4-24 guests

$15 and up for campsites
Cabin prices vary - call for details


Super 8 Ely
1605 East Sheridan Street
Hwy 1 and 169 East side
Ely, MN 55731-1836

Ph: 218-365-2873
Super 8 Ely Website

Travel time: 1.6 miles from NABC
$ range: $120/night for 2 guests

$140/night for 4 guests


River Point Resort
12007 River Point Road
Ely MN 55731

Ph: 1-800-456-5580
River Point Resort Website 

Travel time: 11.6 miles from NABC
$ range: $125 and up


Holiday Inn Express
857 Rock Ridge Drive
Mountain Iron, MN 55768

Holiday Inn Express Website

Travel time: 49 miles from NABC
$ range: $140 and up


The Lodge at Giants Ridge
6373 Wynne Creek Drive
Biwabik MN 55708

Ph: 218-865-7170
The Lodge at Giants Ridge Website

Travel time: 39.8 miles from NABC
$ range: $149 and up


Fortune Bay Resort Casino
1430 Bois Forte Road (Gold Mine Spur Rd)
Tower, MN 55790

Ph: 1-800-555-1714
Fortune Bay Resort Casino Website

Travel time: 32.1 miles from NABC
$ range: $160 and up


Grand Ely Lodge
400 North Pioneer Road
Ely, Minnesota 55731

Ph: 800-365-5070
Grand Ely Lodge Website

Travel time: 3 miles from NABC
$ range: $179 and up


Lodge of Whispering Pines
2700 Echo Trail
Ely, Minnesota 55731

Ph: 800-510-2947
Lodge of Whispering Pine Website

Travel time: 21.8 miles from NABC
$ range: $279 and up for CABINS

$35 and up for 2 people for CAMPING


The Cove (cabin rental)
Armstrong Lake - between Tower and Ely

Ph: 888-365-4956
The Cove - cabin rental

Travel time: 12 miles from Ely
$ range: $1195 per week (summer rate)

Burntside Lodge

2755 County Road 489

Ely, MN

(218) 365-3894

Burntside Lodge website

*Reservations recommended*

Open to public

Award winning wine list

Cappucino/Espresso bar$$$


For houseboat rentals just 15 minutes from the NABC - check out Kinseys! Guests are welcome to stay at the dock!

For more information on lodging, restaurants and acitivities in Ely, visit The Ely Chamber of Commerce





















































Neither The North American Bear Center, its staff and volunteers, nor the Northwoods Bear Foundation bear any responsibility for accommodations for the Lilypad Picnic or events related. Use your own discretion when choosing a location - vacancies are NOT guaranteed.



Dairy Queen
1441 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-5101

1520 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-2699

Oriental Orchid
506 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN 
(218) 365-7502
Take out

Britton's Cafe Inc
5 East Chapman Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-3195
American cuisine
Breakfast specials

Northern Expressions
48 E Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-5550
Homemade ice cream
Gifts and cards

Gator's Grilled Cheese Emporium

955 East Sheridan
Ely, MN
(218) 365-7348
Grilled cheese, mac & cheese and board games in the evening.



The Northern Grounds

2 W. Sheridan 
Ely, MN
(218) 235-6162
Coffee, wine and craft beer bar

Organic Roots
141 East Chapman Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-2799
Organic Roots website
Market, deli and bistro
Organic, whole foods


Front Porch Coffee and Tea Company
343 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-2326
Front Porch Coffee and Tea Company website
*$5 minimum charge for credit cards*
Organic coffee, tea, soup and pastries
High speed internet access
Gift shop

Rockwood Restaurant and Lounge
302 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
American cuisine
Fun atmosphere

Live music
Patio dining


Boathouse Brewpub & Restaurant 
47 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-4301
Boathouse website
American and Mexican cuisine, beer and ale

The Ely Steakhouse
216 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-7412
Ely Steakhouse website
*Reservations recommended*
Steakhouse cuisine, beer
Bingo, karaoke and trivia in lounge

Stony Ridge Resort & Cafe
60 West Lakeview Place
Ely, MN
(218) 365-6757
Stone Ridge Resort and Cafe website
Lodge atmosphere
Gourmet burgers

Sir G's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED TEMPORARILY
520 East Sheridan Street
Ely, MN
(218) 365-3688
Sir G's Italian Restaurant website
Italian cuisine
Homemade pasta and sauce
Family dining

Grand Ely Lodge
400 North Pioneer Road
Ely, MN 55731
(218) 365-6565
(Reservations: 800-365-5070)
Grand Ely Lodge website
Lodge atmosphere
American fare
Gourmet desserts


Insula Restaurant

145 E Sheridan

Ely, MN

(218) 365-4855

Insula website

Locally sourced fusion American dining



Log Cabin Coffee Drive-Thru
1340 E Sheridan
Ely, MN
(218) 235-4034

Drive-thru coffee shop, hot/cold beverages and baked goods


Plum Bun Bakery

402 E Sheridan

Ely, MN
(218) 365-2802
Family owned bakery
Muffins, cakes, donuts and puff pastry

Red Cabin Custard

1114 E Sheridan
Ely, MN

Custard, shakes, cones
Flavor of the day


Junction Bar and Grill

2667 Highway 70

Babbitt, MN (approx 20 minutes south of Ely)

(218) 827-3666

Junction Bar and Grill website
Friday fish fry
American fare


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