Hi friends!

We know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the final decision on Lilypad Picnic 2021. You all have reservations to make, or cancel, and plans to make or cancel as well. So we didn’t want to delay in this decision any longer then was absolutely necessary.

There were many factors that needed to be considered, before we came to our final decision; including where the levels of the pandemic are at nationally, as well as locally (Ely). We also had to consider the Minnesota Requirements for Outdoor & indoor Venues; the travel guidelines & restrictions, etc. The availability of committee to attend (especially with some members living great distances, and in Canada as well) was another big consideration; and all the extra state requirements we, as a committee, would need to enforce and do, per the state guidelines. This is but a few of all the things we had to consider. Not to mention all the positive reasons to have it - like we miss all of you so much! 

As you can see, our conclusion wasn’t reached lightly; and it is with very heavy hearts, that we must announce that our “IN PERSON” Lilypad picnic fundraiser 2021, has been cancelled.

However, We WILL have a virtual fundraiser again this year. We’re very hopeful to add to our virtual event this year, as well. Please stay tuned for more details on this, coming very soon!

We’re very confident that next years In Person picnic will once again be much like the the events we remember so fondly, from previous years.

There’s no doubt that you all will have many questions; We still have many ourselves.
Please feel free to email us at: lilypicnic@gmail.com - Please do NOT message committee members directly.  Thank you for understanding.

Meanwhile, should anyone wish to make a nominal donation to the Northwoods Bear Foundation, you can do so through our PayPal account, at: northwoodsbearfoundation@gmail.com - we will also be seeking items for our online silent auction, very soon. So please stay tuned for updates on that.

In the event that you still plan to come to Ely, we hope you will have a great time! The NABC will still be opened, likely with state guidelines, as will many other things in and around Ely. We simply ask that you make those plans somewhere, other then on this picnic page. Thanks for understanding.

Mark your calendars, as the tentative dates for 2022’s picnic are: July 22-24!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned here. We’re all sending out huge air bear hugs to you all.

Linda, Jen, Jenn, & Sandie

Northwoods Bear Foundation Committee

You can contact us with questions at:


For more information, please visit our Facebook fan page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/394411520624410/